The Diabetes merry-go-r​ound

Recently labelled as an “autoimmune disease,” Type 2 Diabetes has a lot of people scared – especially those who have a history of it in their family.  The many health problems it can lead to are enough to worry anyone!  Heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness…who needs them?

Understanding this condition is the first step in the quest for either prevention or elimination of it – and BOTH of those are not only possible, but are being achieved by many people!  
Here’s a brief and simple lay explanation of how diabetes develops:
                                 Processed and low-fat foods cause your blood sugar to rise.  In turn, your pancreas produces more insulin to stabilize the blood sugar. 
                                 In this scenario, your body also decreases production of a hormone that you need to burn fat for energy.  So you can’t burn fat and you become hungrier – which causes you to eat even more of the processed foods.  The result? A further rise in your blood sugar level and insulin production…
…and the cycle keeps repeating itself!
                                  This continual workload on the pancreas will wear it out, sooner or later, and natural insulin production will cease.  Diagnosis? Type 2 diabetes.  Medical treatment? artificial insulin.  Effects of taking insulin? not good.
Dr. Thropay has often said, “You do NOT need to be a victim of your genes!”  Don’t let a family history of diabetes divert you away from taking the right steps to prevent and/or eliminate this threat from yourbody.   
A nutritional evaluation from Susana will get you started in the right direction, and she will guide you through the process of regaining and/or enhancing your health and healing abilities.  Your body will thank you!
Love to hear from you – please call us at (562) 861-3896.

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