The Dangers of Air Fresheners

Air fresheners or ‘room deodorizers’ are becoming increasingly popular. But did you know that they contain many harmful toxins? Even some of the commercially sold ‘natural’ ones!

These products have been linked to an increase in asthma symptoms and pulmonary diseases. Aside from this, general symptoms of sickness and migraine have been noted from use of room fragrance products.

Most air fresheners including some scented candles, plug-ins and timed aerosols contain phthalates. This a chemical compound mainly used to soften plastic and is what gives P.V.C its flexibility.

Although in recent years some companies claim to have removed these phthalates from their products other key ingredients can also be very harmful.

Learn more about the toxins found in air fresheners:

  • Genotoxins are chemical agents that damage DNA.  Damages to cellular DNA can result in cell mutations and even lead to cancer.
  • Mutagenic chemicals, as the name suggests, can increase the recurrence of  some types of mutations.
  • Broncho-constrictors narrow the airways along the bronchial tube and cause them to constrict or tighten. These symptoms are very similar to asthma, which may give rise to the association to asthma symptoms.
  • Neurotoxins, the name literally translated means ‘nerve toxins’. They damage the brain or nervous system by killing neurons in the body.
  • Hepatoxins damage the liver.
  • Reproductive toxins have been found to decrease fertility. The rate of infertility has *increased by over 4% since the 1980′s.


Learn how to make your own natural room freshener:

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