A recent news media poll reported that 43 out of every 100 Americans make New Year’s resolutions.  Out of those 43, only 3 to 4 people actually see their resolution fulfilled.  Discouraging?  Not if you’re one of the 3 or 4!  Let’s get into the right side of these statistics!

Following these tips will dramatically increase your chances of success. Ready?
1. Make sure your health resolution is something you REALLY WANT, not just something you “should” do.  Give it serious thought.  Then write it down.
2. Be specific and realistic.  If you want to get rid of the annoying fatigue or the drug-popping headaches that plague you, or if you want to lose 30 pounds this year, write these goals thoughtfully and deliberately, and put a target date for achieving them.  Then write a simple plan – that is, short-term mini-goals that will move you towards the target in steps that you can handle.
3. Talk about this to someone.  Don’t keep your resolution a secret.  We welcome you to give us a copy, and we will help to keep you accountable throughout the year.  🙂
4. Make a “pros” and “cons” list.  Write down everything good that can come from achieving your goals, and everything that may happen if you neglect them.  Seeing this in black-and-white makes a powerful impact and helps you to stay motivated for the long-term.
5. Track your progress monthly or oftener.  As you see positive things happening, be sure to write them on your master-list – and reward yourself for every little achievement.  For example, when you’ve lost the first 5 pounds, or you have gone three weeks without a headache, treat yourself to a special movie or a trip to the beach with a friend. 
6. Commit to your healthcare program with us.  Our experience here is that those clients who are the most faithful in following directions and keeping their appointments get the BEST results.  These are the people who write those amazing, heart-warming improvement stories that are posted in our office.
We want YOU to be your own success story!  And you can do it!
WE commit to helping you every way we can. As a start, we have a “Resolution Solution” hand-out for you. It’s an easy way to plan your steps and to track your short-term gains as you go through the year. Just ask for it at the front desk.
We’ll cheer you on as you reach your mini-goals, and celebrate with you next December when your targets for the year are reached.  They may even be exceeded!
Call us anytime at (562) 861-3896.

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