Saturated fats – dangerous or fabulous?

How often have you heard that a low-fat diet is “heart-healthy”?
Here’s the problem with that:  It isn’t.
Cultures with a low incidence of heart disease are often found to have a diet high in saturated fats. (Some examples are the Innuit of North America, and the Masai of Africa, but there are many more.)  This goes against everything we’ve heard in America for decades!
The fact is, foods containing high levels of saturated fats, such as eggs, red meat, and whole dairy products, are loaded with necessary nutrients – many of them impossible to get in sufficient amounts from other foods.
The conventional low-fat diet basically discourages consumption of such foods, doesn’t it?  Not only are important nutrients missing, then, but products that are accepted as “heart-healthy” are often also negative to our health! Here’s why:

1) Foods that have the fat removed taste terrible, so refined sugar and other carbs are used, along with processed oils and MSG aliases, to replace the lost taste appeal.

2) Foods with the fat largely removed don’t supply the necessary energy that saturated fats provide, so again, sugar, other carbs and refined oils are added to remedy that lack.  High-sugar or high-flour can still be labeled “low-fat.”
At Thropay Health Center, as you know, we strongly encourage you to eat free-range eggs, grass-fed red meat, and whole raw dairy products.  They all contain the “fabulous fats” our bodies need!  Eating these foods is one way to help you avoid the inflammation of coronary arteries that is fundamental to heart disease.
November is the month to say Thank You.  Bring someone new to us this month, and we will thank you with a jar of Mrs. Thropay’s organic pancake mix, either Original or Gluten-Free.  Bring TWO somebodies, and your thank-you will be a 5-pound tub of Wonderful Wyoming Honey!
Call us anytime at (562) 861-3896 for an appointment.

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