There are “multivita​mins,” and then there is…

We’ve all seen the multitudes of multivitamin products under a bewildering array of names.  “How to choose” often comes down to how much advertising we have seen on one particular product. 
There is another “bottom line” that gives us a better foundation for our choice.  A multivitamin supplement should be based solely upon WHOLE FOODS.  Why?  Because whole foods contain hosts of nutrients – known and as yet unknown – that work synergistically with each other to optimally benefit the body.  Simply put – you get much more real nutrition!
Most multivitamin products consist of incomplete isolates, often chemically produced.  Ingesting these does not give the benefits that nature provides when they occur naturally in whole foods.
In fact, many of these multivitamin products contain other ingredients that are toxic to the body.  For example – would you ever choose to eat microcrystalline cellulose?  This is a foundational ingredient in one very popular supplement that we researched.
Microcrystalline cellulose, according to Wikipedia, is refined wood pulp.  It is used as a texturizer, fat substitute, emulsifier, extender, anti-caking and bulking agent…and did you guess this?  Most commonly used in vitamin supplements! (for the above purposes)  How could any body receive nutritional support from such?  
But let’s leave that, along with the polyvinyl alcohol, artificial colors and preservatives, etc. in that highly-advertised multivitamin, and get to the real thing.
Catalyn is a Standard Process supplement based upon  several whole foods.  One of those is carrots.  To date, over 200 known nutrients and phytonutrients have been identified in carrots.  Add in the other whole ingredients used in Catalyn, and there are literally thousands of known and unknown nutrients made bio-available to your body from nature’s foods.
There is simply no comparison!
Come and celebrate with us on Friday, October 25th, as we honor Standard Process for their incredible work in the nutrition field.  Those who come for an office visit will be entered into our drawing.  Two lucky people will win a bottle of Catalyn, and one grand-prize winner will receive a free one-hour massage from Elvira, our amazing massage therapist! 
SEE YOU THERE!    Call us at (562) 861-3896 for an appointment.

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