Standard Process Pride Day

On Friday, October 25th, Thropay Health Center will honor Standard Process Farms for their 85 years of dedication to improving the health of America.
Beginning with the painstaking research and discoveries of Dr. Royal Lee (who also was known for his inventions in the dentistry, engineering, and military fields), the Standard Process company has been totally committed to the development of concentrated whole food supplements.  Like us, they believe that chemical products cannot come close to the benefits we get from nature’s abundant provisions.
Standard Process Farms is open for public tours, and once seen – never forgotten! 
Part of our celebration will be a drawing that YOU can enter.  Anyone who comes for an office visit from Friday, October 18th, through Friday, October 25th, will be eligible for the drawing, and your names and phone numbers will go into the box. 
The prizes will be a bottle of Catalyn – the best “multi-vitamin” in the world – for second and third prizes.  The GRAND PRIZE will be a full-hour MASSAGE from Elvira, our wonderful massage therapist!
Increase YOUR chances of winning by bringing someone new as a chiropractic, nutrition, or massage client.  You’ll get FIVE entries instead of one!
We look forward to seeing you!  Please call for appointments at (562) 861-3896.

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