She’s back and she’s happy!


The trip to Standard Process organic farms was a hOWLing success! (Excuse the October pun 🙂  Our nutrition practitioner Susana was highly inspired by her tour of a world-class organic operation and her ‘hands-on’ experiences with the supplement  production process right on the farm premises.
She could talk a long time about her experiences, but we’ll distill it down for you to one very encouraging point that most of us can relate to:
                            Have you ever heard anyone say that if EVERYONE ate or farmed organically, there would not be enough food to feed the population?
If so, you can firmly reply, “That’s not true“!
                            The crop yield at Standard Process Farms consistently either matches or exceeds that of the “conventional” farms in the same general area…and that is achieved without ever using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified seed crops.
How can that be?  With very SMART farming!   Working WITH the earth instead of trying to supersede or “improve upon” its ample abilities to provide nutritious food.  (Ask us about the fascinating details!)
Somehow that last paragraph sounds very similar to the refrain you constantly hear from Thropay Health Center…where we work WITH the body instead of trying to trick it with fake foods or toxify it with artificial therapies.
We are more than pleased to have the whole spectrum of Standard Process concentrated whole food supplements as tools to help you reach your health goals.  You can share our absolute confidence in the quality and integrity of these products.
Let us remind you of our October promo.  Pay for a first nutritional OR chiropractic visit for someone NEW, and receive 40% off your own next visit. What a deal!  And you’ll be helping your friend or loved one get started on the road to better health.
Call us for appointments at (562) 861-3896.  And please remember to check our webpage at


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