How did this happen?

The United States………….
 ……………….makes up 5% of the world’s population
……………… said to have the best healthcare in the world
………………..uses 75% of the world’s pharmaceuticals
………………..has the least amount of smoking in the world
………………..has one of the highest qualities of life in the world
That’s right! The U.S. rated #37 of 37 industrialized nations analyzed for overall health recently.
Of the five “plus-points” listed above, which one do you think is most responsible for the depressing “bottom line” fact?
If you guessed “uses 75% of the world’s pharmaceuticals,” we agree with you!
That’s why the first line of our mission at Thropay Health Center states that we want to help eliminate dependence upon pharmaceuticals. These items always carry a “mixed bag” of effects that are to some degree detrimental to health.
Of course, it’s never good enough to get rid of a negative factor – there must be a positive one to replace it.   And at this clinic we offer THREE positives that all contribute to good health without any toxic effects! 
All of these work WITH the body’s pre-programmed healing and maintenance abilities:
1) Chiropractic – restoring and keeping structural integrity so that the body’s vital message network can function without impingement. The value of this cannot be overstated!
2) Nutrition Response Testing – a marvelously accurate method of customized detection and elimination of hindrances to health, along with customized nutrition and appropriate lifestyle changes to encourage the very best health you can have
3) Massage Therapy – providing the necessary break of peaceful relaxation and inactivity that enables the body to “recharge” – plus aiding in eliminating toxins via the massage process
We strongly believe that EVERYONE needs what we offer here.  As more and more Americans “get it” about natural healing and maintenance, those statistics above can definitely change for the better! 
Please continue to share the message, and thank you for your referrals.  Call us at (562) 861-3896.

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