High protein foods for vegetarians!

Here is a challenge: find a way to maintain your meat-free diet and still get enough protein.
Luckily nature is up to the challenge and there are a few delicious choices, so dig in!
Some of these foods are not only protein rich but also have some special health benefits:
Avocado contains a good amount of natural protein and also is packed with monounsaturated fats which help manage cholesterol and prevent heart disease.
Spirulina has a whopping 19 amino acids and is loaded with chlorophyll which helps with the production of blood cells.
Broccoli contains plant protein but also has powerful antioxidant properties and is even thought to be an effective anti cancer.
Kale packs a protein punch and brings a good amount of vitamins and antioxidant power to the table.
Figs, while also a rich source of plant based protein, can also help with ulcers, diabetes and lower the risk of heart disease.
A quick rundown on the most common high protein vegetarian foods.
Cutting meat out of your diet can have several positive impacts on your health, but make sure you include protein and iron rich foods to balance your nutritional profile.

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