Patient Improvement Update!

August 27, 2013


We are so excited about the positive changes in our daughter’s health!


In mid-July of this year, we brought our 11-year-old daughter for a nutritional evaluation from


Susana.  The symptoms included constant bed-wetting at night and even wetting during the


day; stomach pain and heartburn; and most difficult of all – our daughter was always angry.


This made daily living a challenge for the entire family.


We followed Susana’s recommended dietary changes closely, and our daughter took the


concentrated whole-food supplements that her body specifically needed to help get back on


track with her health.


Just six weeks later, there is an enormous change!  The wetting accidents have stopped


completely.  There is no more stomach pain, and the heartburn has diminished.  Best of all, our


daughter’s anger problem has resolved from 100% of the time down to 10% of the time!


The whole family is delighted, and we look forward to total resolution of all her problems.


We know how important it is to continue this program plus a healthful life-style in order to


maintain and increase her improvement, and give her a quality of life that we could not even


imagine before.


I am now bringing two others of our children for Nutrition Response Testing, to address their


health issues.   What they do in this clinic really works!


(Names withheld for privacy purposes)



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