Having a genuinely healthy heart…is PRICELESS! “THE HEART EATS FIRST!”

We are indebted to Dr. Royal Lee for discovering and putting into simple terms the following concept:
When you stop and think, it makes so much sense.  The heart MUST go on, no matter what else may break down in the body.  Life depends upon that heart continuing to pump.   
Therefore…any “fuel” that we put into our body “engines” is used to maintain the health and functionality of our hearts first.  Then everything else gets what’s left. 
One nutrient your heart constantly demands in significant amounts is CALCIUM.  The heart will go to any lengths to make sure it has enough calcium to keep functioning.
This means several things:
             a) We need to eat foods with plenty of calcium content
             b) The calcium in these foods must be bio-available so the heart (and other systems) can access and use it
             c) Any calcium supplements we take must also consist of bio-available calcium – otherwise we are pouring money down the drain and not helping our bodies
If the above criteria are NOT met, your heart will go into “anything-that-works” mode…with the result that the blood will go after other sources of calcium in order to feed the heart.  Know what some of those other sources are?  YOUR BONES!  
Yes, calcium will be taken from your bones in order to keep that heart pumping.  It’s a “rob Peter to pay Paul” scenario. 
Now YOU can fill in the rest of the blanks…if this process continues for long enough, the bones develop those “holes” that are so characteristic of osteoarthritis.   And when there’s enough pain and/or other symptoms for your condition to be classified as osteoarthritis by a medical doctor, what might you be told?   
“It’s a ‘wear-and-tear’ disease…there’s really no cure, unfortunately…but we can give you things that might help with the pain for a while (and produce further health issues, but they often don’t say that part)”…    Sound familiar to anyone?
At Thropay Health Center, we are delighted to tell you that you do NOT need to travel that dead-end road!  There is plenty of real help available for you.
The process of feeding the heart with adequate amounts of bio-available calcium will be next week’s topic. Watch for it!
Meanwhile. ponder this:
Having a genuinely healthy heart…is PRICELESS!
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