Yay!! For Our Patient Of The Month!!

Congratulations to DORELLA CAPRIOLI,  who has earned our Patient of the Month award for the second time!  This award goes to the person who refers the most new people to us in a calendar month.  Thank you, Dorella!  You have made a big difference in your friends’ lives!  In appreciation, you will receive a FREE visit of your choice – either nutrition or chiropractic.
In August many families begin a new school year.  Start off right by bringing your children for a nutritional check-up!  They will need all the nutritional support they can get in order to function well – academically, physically, and socially.
Particularly for those who will be playing sports, it is so important to have their bodies aligned and in balance.  Visiting Dr. Lam regularly could give them an “edge” in the competition! 
We always have available our hand-out of suggestions for healthful school lunches, so be sure to pick up a copy.  These ideas can also be used for your own lunches each work-week – or even at home.  Get healthier while you save money!
During August and September, school sports physicals by Dr. Lam are only $25!  Save time AND money by bringing your athlete for a physical while you have your own appointment in our office.  Bring Grandma or Dad for a massage, too, or get one yourself!
Treating symptoms instead of correcting the underlying cause is like painting over rust!
Write us back, or call us at (562) 861-3896.  Your comments and questions are always welcome.

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