How are your nerves these days?

How are your nerves these days? 
You are the sole owner of an incredible communications system!  The shares are all yours, and you earn all the dividends.  This company seems to function independently, but its performance is actually greatly affected by the executive decisions you make as CEO.
Of course I am referring to your nervous system – a vast network of fibers that controls the healthy function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ, and system in your body. 
The brain, your central command center, sends its messages by means of your highly complex nervous system.  All things being ideal with this marvelous arrangement, your body will function optimally and your health will be more than impressive!  
Unfortunately, there can be interferences which will hinder this process.  Depending upon their extent and how long they go uncorrected, these interferences can keep you from operating at “full charge” …  all the way to downright sick and even dying.
But we have GOOD NEWS – they are correctable!  No one needs to be a victim of these hindrances to the vital nervous system.  Take a look at the various possible categories:
1. heavy metals
2. heavy chemicals
3. immune challenges
4. scars, surgical or otherwise
5. negative effects of food products
6. structural imbalances that impinge upon the spinal or cranial nerves
Correcting any health challenge is a two-pronged process.  1) The above interferences are removed and prevented from re-entering your body, and 2) You take the necessary positive steps to work WITH your nervous system.
Thropay Health Center specializes in expertly walking you through every step of this process.  The results may well astound you, as they have many others!
Do yourself or your friends a big favor by calling us for an appointment to have a personal health evaluation.  Making the right executive decisions for the benefit of your “communications company” is better sooner than later!   
Our number is 562-861-3896.

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