Health Tips With Thropay Chiropractic!

The June issue of Reader’s Digest has an article on page 36 entitled “How Everyday Eaters May OD on Vitamins.”  This write-up is a perfect example of the paradoxical health information out there that bewilders and confuses people.
Put briefly, the premise is that anyone eating “functional foods” will receive far more than the Recommended Daily Allowance of certain nutrients, and this “may carry health risks.”  A sample day’s diet is given, accompanied by a graph that shows the excess nutrients this food contains.
Deciphering and sorting this material into true vs.false is a fairly simple process.
Step One:  Define the terms
            a) functional foods are explained as “fortified foods” – this is key.  Fortified foods are those items that have been processed to remove much of their nutritional value (and extend their shelf life) but contain added vitamins or minerals in order to compensate somewhat for the lack

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