Osteoarthritus Treatment At Thropay Chriopractic

OSTEOARTHRITUS As you know, my situation health wise was not at all good when I first came to you.  It seemed that I could never get well and feel good.  I had constant cold symptoms. I was always tired and lacking energy, and couldn’t sleep well at night.  My blood pressure would go up and down, I was overweight, and I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Also, my heart often palpitated quickly and that was scary.
Besides all those symptoms, I came in with very painful sciatica.  Frequently, too, my ring finger would lock up.  Since I’m a church organist, this was most awkward, to say the least.
But now – I feel so much better!  No sickness or cold symptoms.  I’m sleeping well and have more energy.  The latest blood work shows no sign of osteoarthritis now. I stopped eating sugar and soy, and have lost about 30 pounds.  My heart palpitations are a thing of the past, unless I transgress on my diet.  Sciatica is gone, and my fingers don’t lock up anymore…
Harvina Essex

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