Diabetes? Arthritis? Dr. Thropay Can Help.


Oh my Lord, I was in pitiful or bad condition! I couldn’t stand for anyone to touch my body. I hurt all over, my whole body ached, and I would stay in bed all day. I didn’t want to go outside, or to walk, or to bend over, because I was so sore. My vision was in a bad way, too. My neck, shoulder, lower back, hip joints, and legs were so painful. Because of diabetes, I was on insulin 3 or 4 times a day. Arthritis was so bad I could barely get around, and I was on a lot of medicines.
What a difference now! I exercise every day – walking and lots of stretching. There is some pain left, but not like before. My medical doctor took me off insulin – no need for it now. My vision has improved – sometimes I don’t need glasses. The Lord and Dr. Thropay saved me. Sometimes I think I was on my way out.
Mary Wooten

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