No Energy? Give Nutritional Testing and Treatment A Try!




In February of this year, before I started your nutritional testing and treatment, I was always tired and weak, and had no energy.  My heart would palpitate for 5 to 6 hours at a time, and I had to take blood pressure medication. I never wanted to go outdoors, or do things like going to the beach – it took too much energy to even think of.  Instead, I always wanted to be at home and rest.  Sleeping was difficult, because I constantly woke up in the night.  I continually had a lot of stress. Worst of all, I always felt like I was going to die.

What a difference there is now!  I’m sleeping well each night, and have no more heart palpitations.  I no longer need blood pressure medication, and I have SO much more energy! Now I want to be outdoors and exercise – in fact, I try to walk 3 miles per day.  With a renewed positive attitude, I’m enjoying making goals and plans for the future.  It’s easier for me to handle everyday stress, and it feels like my whole stress level is lower.  One great “side effect” is that I’ve lost 22 pounds!

Thank you again, Dr. Thropay and staff, for all your help and encouragement.  I would highly recommend

you to anyone with health problems.

Shawn Pena


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