Don’t Allow Your Body To Suffer From Migraines; We Can Help!


Most of my life I have battled with migraines, panic attacks, and nervousness, like many other family members before me.  From 1994  2005 I was taking a low dose of Xanax for panic attacks and sleeping. I was also taking Zantac for heartburn and Imatrix for migraines.  The migraines were unbearable.  I would stay in a dark room for days…

…My mother and sister insisted that I give you a try.  When I came to you in January 2009, I hadn’t been sleeping more than 1-2 hours per night, for 6 weeks.  I was afraid to go to sleep because when I closed my eyes I could see strange things.  I had lost a lot of weight, being afraid to eat because I thought something I was eating must be causing my problems.  Having so many anxiety phobias, as well as sinus infections, rashes, and headaches, I felt like I was being poisoned.  I was so weak I could hardly move from room to room.  I didn’t want to listen to anything negative or even to visit with people.  I couldn’t go grocery shopping, because the lights really bothered me.  I just wanted to sit and cry.  I was unable to work at the job I loved.

At the point of first visiting your clinic, I really did not think that what you were doing could help me.  I was wrong!  Within 3 weeks I was sleeping through the night (and have been getting 6-10 hours per night for over a year now.)  My many phobias of driving, flying, eating, shopping, etc. are TOTALLY gone!!!  I am calm inside and out.  I’ve been back at my job for nearly a year.  My friend said she can hear the song in my voice again!

I’ll admit that the first 3-5 months on your program were like a roller-coaster for me.  One day I felt great, the next I thought I would never be well.  But here I am over a year later, having faithfully followed your customized plan for me, and I feel better than I have in many yers – maybe most of my life!

Cindi Brinson

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