Being A New Parent Is Hard Enough; Keep Your Newborn Happy At Thropay Chiropractic


My newborn baby was very fussy and often crying. He had trouble passing stools, and when he did pass his stools, they were hard.
He also had a bacteria called “thrush” in his mouth and gums.
When Dr. Thropay tested him, his heart was very weak. He needed Cardio Plus and a little Lact Enz, which we have been giving him ever since.
Now, his condition has very much improved! My husband and I can’t believe how much he has changed. His elimination is normal, the thrush is gone, and he sleeps well. It’s as if we have a brand new baby in the house!
We are both very grateful to Dr. Thropay for such wonderful help.

Lafleche Boudreau

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