OCD? Anxiety? We Can Help With That!


Thirteen years ago, in June of 1996, I began to have an overwhelming fear of doing the simple things in life, and felt compelled to do the same things repeatedly. In October of that year I was diagnosed with an obsessive-compulsive anxiety disorder, and was prescribed 100 mg. of Luvox daily. At first I was able to function normally on this regimen, but to my dismay, the symptoms began to return in 1998. In 1999, after trying some strange alternative treatments, I returned to the M.D. This time he recommended Prozac, which I refused because I had heard that it was addicting. He doubled the dosage of Luvox. The symptoms remained, but were less strong. However, by 2006, after 10 years of Luvox, the symptoms were so severe that I had to quit work. I was afraid to go out of the house or do anything! The doctor then suggested Xanax, but I declined to take it because I feared the side effects that were listed. At my request the doctor started to cut back on the Luvox. (I have since then discontinued it entirely.) My sister urged me to see you for Nutrition Response Testing. Since the doctor had said that there was no cure for OCD, I was very skeptical. I figured that if the medical profession had no answer, what good would taking supplements do? There was fear, too, of trying your work and not getting any help. Also, I was convinced that my problem was mental and not physical. Finally her persuasions prevailed, and in May of 2007 I came to you for the first time…. …Right away upon starting treatment, I began to feel more relaxed, less tense and afraid. Within 4 months, about 60% of my symptoms had disappeared. By July, 2008, I was more than ready to return to work, and got a job where I am still employed a year later. None of the original symptoms have ever returned, and I feel great!…

Susana Mora

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