Shoulder Pain? Lower Back Pain? Low Energy? End Your Pain Today!

I have been coming to Dr. Thropay for chiropractic care at various times for about 18 years.  But this year I was experiencing a lot of pain – in the shoulder area, lower back, and between the shoulder blades.  Additionally, I had a very low energy level.
I came in for an adjustment, thinking that would solve these problems.  On previous occasions, I had seen some of the information in his exam rooms about nutritional health.  When I asked Dr. Thropay about it, he said that part of my problem could be resolved with nutritional care.  He told me about Dr. Omura and the development of resonance testing.  He also talked about the special computerized program he acquired from a Russian doctor who came to the U.S. after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980’s.  I signed on.
How is it now?  My energy level has jumped!  The pain between my shoulder blades is gone.  My lower back is in great shape, with the exception of a slight pain in the center.  Furthermore, I have lost 18 pounds and I really eat better, thanks to Mrs. Thropay’s Healthful Eating class and Dr. Thropay’s careful monitoring of what I eat.
I am thrilled with these results, achieved in a matter of a few short months.  I highly recommend Dr. Thropay to anyone for both his chiropractic and his nutritional care!
Robert C. Jensen

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