AUTISM; Always Unique Totally Interesting & Sometimes Mysterious

autism assistance
At the age of 4, our son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  Even though the doctors said it was mild, high-functioning autism, our son spoke very few words, had no direct eye contact, daily meltdowns (tantrums), and very little socializing at school.  He seemed to be in his own “little world.”  
Because of these problems, Trevor was enrolled in special education at his school.  His teachers said he had a hard time staying on task, and following a set of directions.  
When we came to see Dr. Thropay, we found out Trevor was toxic with mercury.  The testing also revealed bad reactions to wheat, gluten, and sugar.  We immediately began the program of removing the mercury, along with a change of diet and a supplement regimen.
Within one week, Trevor began to have complete eye contact.  Within three weeks, he was speaking in sentences.  His behavior has done a complete turnaround.  He is like a new boy!
These astounding changes soon brought about changes at school.  The teacher is mainstreaming him into the regular Kindergarten classroom for the entire day!  Trevor now enjoys playing with other children, and has many friends!
Penni and Ken Marrs

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